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Recently, I needed to count the number of letters in a document, but found it difficult on my PC. So I went online for help. I found some tools, but none of them met my standards, so as I am a web developer, I thought “Why not make one?” So here it is! I hope this helps!

Count Number Of Characters

Text symbols are a great way to express thoughts and feelings without words. However, counting these symbols is difficult, time-consuming, and not everyone knows how. My solution is a special tool that counts text symbols for you! It’s 100% free to use, with no hidden costs. All you have to do is type your text and our programm will calculate all of the symbols for you in real-time. Or just copy your text and paste into text field and get result immidietly. Calculation will show you two results: with spaces and without them.

Word Character Count

Is it a problem to count symbols in one word? In most cases – no, you can easily do it yourself, especcialy if word is quite short. If not – you can use our tool. Paste word into textarea and get it’s length in a second.